Tips and Tricks to Beautiful Skin

Tips and Tricks to Beautiful Skin



As we age, our teeth and gums naturally recede.  As our lower face and lips are attached to these hard and soft tissues, they must follow.  Unfortunately, this natural movement creates esthetic problems. 


  • Fillers - Expensive yet effective
  • Creams,Serums - Not effective
  • Tapes -Not effective
  • Face Yoga - Not effective
  • Angellift - Effective yet takes 20-30 days
  • Facelift - Effective, expensive

 Angellift Clinical Results


Multiple medical studies recently published (American Journal of Medicine, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons) clearly illustrate how structural movement directly effects our dermas (facial skin and lips).  However, even behaviors such as smoking, using straws and even sipping hot drinks create unusual tension in the muscles surrounding the lips.  This tension causes a premature aging effect on the lips.  

To emphasize the affect muscular use on the skin surface, a study published by Oxford University shortly after world war II measured lower facial aging lines of America women in comparison to Japanese women of the same age.  Japanese had measurably less wrinkles all across the lower face and substantially less lines around the mouth.   A similar study was completed again in 1951, after Americans had introduced cigarettes and straws to the Japanese culture.  That study found a much closer comparison as the Japanese women had substantially more lines than in the previous study. 


There are a few ways to solve the lip contraction and lower facial aging line problem.  Price and results vary quite a bit in our studies. 

Injections - The area around the mouth and below the nose are wrapped in muscles.  This is how we eat, speak etc.  According to Allergan, the manufacturers of Botox, this area should never be injected with Botox.  Botox is a muscle Paralyzer and great for the forehead, but keep away from the lips.  We know many practitioners will do it, we strongly suggest you do not. 

Fillers - Fillers such as Juvederm are very effective in this area. However, fillers are temporary and somewhat painful, but our studies show they are effective at filling lines. 

AngelLift - Angellift is a removable lift that is quite effective in this area.  Our studies showed the results were very impressive.  However, unlike fillers, it takes about 20-30 days to see the results with Angellift.  The price is less than $100 

Topicals - We have tested well over 100 topical creams and lotions ranging from $30 to $350 in the lower facial area including lip line areas.  We have yet to test a topical serum that actually lifts lines out in this area. 

Facial Yoga - There are many books and blogs about facial yoga.  Although we are big fans of yoga in general, in our tests, facial yoga only made the lines worse.  It would seem the similar to studies listed above, using the facial muscles only increases the problem. 

Facial Tape - There are many facial tapes on the market.  We have tested every one we could locate in the US.  None has reduced lower facial lines within our studies. 

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