How Stress is Affecting Your Skin & What to Do

How Stress is Affecting Your Skin & What to Do

Stress is a word we’re all extremely familiar with. Whether you feeling it at work, in a relationship (platonic and/or romantic), the environment, or your lifestyle, there are so many angles it can hit us from. Not only does stress affect how we think but it plays a major role in how we look, especially our skin. Skin can accelerate the aging process and add three to six years to look of your skin. Yes, we have access to hundreds of thousands of anti-aging treatments and products, but all of those things can only get you so far but they certainly don’t address your stress levels. By taking charge of your stress, you can enhance your happiness, productivity levels and improve your skin. I’ll demonstrate some different kinds of stress, how they affect you and what you can do to de-stress and recharge your skin.

The basic kinds of stress we can all relate to are physical stress and emotional stress. Whether you’re physically stress or emotionally stressed out, your skin is taking notice. And when your skin takes notice of what’s going on with you, it tends to outwardly reflect that. When you or your body is stressed, your skin can be a warning system. Some red flags can be a dull appearance, puffy eyes, and increased lines and wrinkles. No matter the age, no one wants to look older, dull and puffy but don’t worry if you’re experiencing any of this, it’s never too late to address your stress.

Talking about stress isn’t that fun but taking control of it is! Here are some tried and true ways of helping your stress: Meditation, exercise, hydrating and quality time with friends and family.

These days meditation isn’t just for the “hippies”, it’s a worldwide movement and practice toward health and wellness among everyone. Many studies have shown that meditating regularly can help improve sleep, lower blood pressure, and lessen the effects of stress. If you’re feeling up to a new practice, there’s a number of ways to get started. Look up a group in your city, or if you prefer to be at home, try an app to get going.

 Another way to de-stress and make health a priority is getting some exercise. You don’t need to start a crazy fitness routine but at least get out for a walk everyday. Just 30 minutes a day can go a long way to improving your stress levels. Exercise elevates the production of your endorphins, the “feel-good” chemicals in your brain and boosts your overall happiness and helps alleviate stress.

Whether you’re meditating or working out or even both, staying hydrated is extremely important. Your body and mind cannot function properly without some good ol’ water. Prioritizing hydration helps your entire body, your brain, your body and yes of course your skin! Poorly hydrated bodies are like under-watered plants, sad and unhealthy looking. I know it’s easy to forget with all the things we have to do on a daily basis, but there’s some easy ways to keep you on track. Sure, we know where the water fountain is at work, where it is at your house, but the “out of sight, out of mind” adage lives true here. We have every intention of drinking those 8 glasses of water a day but you get busy and the whole thing just gets forgotten. My favorite tip for this is to buy a pretty water bottle that is cute enough to sit on your desk (or wherever you are) and remind you about your water pact. Make sure it’s cute and also easy to carry around. I keep a big water bottle that has a small strap so it’s easy to take with me on the go. Also, there’s water reminder apps and so many of them that you can customize for daily reminders.

Last but not least on our list is making some time for your friends and family. Grab lunch with a friend and catch up, or have some people over for a movie night. Spending time around the people we love can take our mind off our stresses and also help us realize what’s important. Sometimes the things we’re so stressed about aren’t things that really matter in the bigger scheme of things and being with loved ones can be the best reminder of that.

While stress is unavoidable, remember that too much left unminded is detrimental to your skin and overall health. To look good you have to feel good and that plays into your physical and mental wellbeing. When those things are in sync your skin will show it with a dewy and healthy look.

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