How a Shark Tank Product became the King of Anti-Aging

How a Shark Tank Product became the King of Anti-Aging

The extremely popular ABC Shark Tank has created and destroyed brands. With rotating investors arguing and even fighting with each other and guests, the show has had its share of winners and losers. Airing in nearly 50 countries, if you're a hit on Shark Tank, you could be a global sensation.


One such brand; AngelLift, aired on Shark Tank in Season 5, the fall of 2014. The CEO Aaron Bruce appeared before the sharks with a proposed cure for aging lines. Not just any aging lines, but the most difficult to remove and most noticeable; lip lines, laugh lines, and nasolabial folds (the lines that extend from your nose past the corners of your mouth).


Bruce explained that upper facial lines are easily addressed with Botox. However, lines below the nose cannot be addressed by Botox as those muscles should not be paralyzed or speech and eating issues could occur. "It is one thing to paralyze your forehead to remove lines, but to paralyze the muscles around your mouth would be a disaster" explained, Bruce.


AngelLift explained that the invention was an accidental discovery uncovered while working on a removable facial implant for facial nerve damage. The company already manufactures custom implants for nerve and esthetic issues but had never produced anything for over-the-counter use. The discovery came to the forefront when small lifting strips were used inside a patient's mouth to prepare for an implant. These lifting strips began creating a cumulative effect on the mouth wrinkles, an unexpected side effect.

With further investigation, the AngelLift medical team discovered the lifting strips (through pressure) were stimulating collagen and cell growth as they were simply replacing oral pressure we lose as we age. This pressure rolls lips back out and repairs the aging lines, explained AngelLift.

As each shark recognized their lack of experience in this field, Laurie Grenier saw the opportunity. She ended up making an offer to AngelLift, which was accepted. According to AngelLift, the show was filmed in April or 2014 but did not air until September of the same year.

Bruce explained, "that the night it aired, sales went through the roof". Sales continued on for the following week and have only increased over the last six years according to Bruce. AngelLift now sells in over a dozen countries and still has issues keeping stock when the show repeats on CNBC or ABC.



AngelLift claims that Shark Tank clearly let the world know, injections are not necessary. However, according to AngelLift, through forced lock downs due to the 2020 pandemic, Covid forced many people away from injections and onto AngelLift says Covid has created more demand than Shark Tank ever did, 'which is hard to believe' they claim.

According to the 2020 Cosmetic Procedure numbers published by the National Association of Cosmetic Surgeons, AngelLIft was second only to Botox. Considering AngelLift is an over-the-counter treatment, this popularity is pretty amazing.

AngelLift claims that their technology is proof that the human body reacts faster, quicker, and more effectively to healing through its own power than any injection, serum or knife can produce, which is why they have become so popular.

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