Food Allergies Help Skin Care

Food Allergies Help Skin Care

A New Chewable Skin Care Technology


Traditionally, chewable collagen tablets or gummies have yet to show measurable improvement in clinical trials.  However, a new technology out of Italy is causing quite a stir. 



In order for the body to metabolize or process collagen after being ingested, it must survive the acids and enzymes in our stomachs and digestive track and then be absorbed through membranes.  Once absorbed, like many other vitamins, our organs take most of the benefit.  


However, a new Collagen called ‘Protynal’ has found a new route directly into the skin bypassing the destructive forces of our stomach.   Protynal is a low pH, enzyme neutral protein that enters the body through the mucous membranes that line the inside of our mouths.  This pathway leads directly to our facial skin.  


The research team responsible for this discovery was working with food allergies, like tomatoes and strawberries.  Only seconds after ingesting these items, people who were allergic to them displayed immediate facial skin discoloration.  This immediate reaction demonstrated the pathway from mucous membranes to the skin dermas.  


Once the researchers found the pathway (oral membranes) and the carrier (certain food extracts) attaching the collagen to the carrier was the only task left.  In early 2023, the first clinical studies were concluded on the new ‘Protynal’ collagen and the improvements were actually measurable on 91% of the 400 patient trial.

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