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What is Wrinklepedia?

WrinklepediaTM is the most powerful lead generator for anti-aging products and services in the world.

By providing the first point and click treatment search engine with up to date, unbiased, anti-aging information on products, services, ingredients and medical procedures, Wrinklepedia™ draws the highest qualified, customers available to anti-aging manufacturers and treatment providers.


The Worlds Largest Beauty Guide
and Cosmetic Laboratory Cooperative


The First Open-Source, Laboratory Based Anti-Aging Product and Service Guide.
By filtering fact from fiction leaders will stand out while misleaders are left out.



  • Wrinklepedia is owned and operated by Sesa labs, LLC. Wrinklepedia is the largest anti-aging product testing and service monitoring guide cooperative in the world. By working with universities, laboratories, medical and beauty professionals around the globe, Wrinklepedia is capable of delivering unmatched medical and analytical information to consumers.

How Does it Work for Services?

First, Wrinklepedia separates all anti-aging products and services into over 150 different categories for ease of consumer and reseller access.

Second, Wrinklepedia tests or reviews each and every service according to specific category parameters.

Third, Wrinklepedia separates the treatments once again into a 3 final consumer based reference segments.

Finally, your practice or service is strategically positioned among millions of product shoppers to expose the benefits of procedures many consumers are unaware of.  A separate landing page is also created within Wrinklepedia for your practice or spa to highlight the benefits of your treatments, streamline sales,  and collect leads.

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Wrinklepedia™, in conjunction with universities and medical professionals around the country, have been gathering, testing and evaluating procedures and ingredients for over two years, preparing for launch in Spring 2014.

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After launch, we anticipate a 60-90 day delay to process new practice listings into the system. To insure space and proper categorization of your procedures and treatments, please use this form and we will contact you for listing instructions.

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The Worlds Largest Beauty Guide Cooperative


Is Wrinklepedia Free?

Yes. Free to the user and free to the treatment provider.

How do I advertise on Wrinklepedia?

Wrinklepedia does not allow advertisements. Approved products and services are allowed but advertisements are not.

How much does it cost to list my practice or spa?

Listing servoces are free. You may pay a CPC fee to increase exposure, but general listings are free.

How does Wrinklepedia rate spas and medical practices?

Only products are approved or disapproved.  Spas and medical practices are not tested but listed by their procedures and managing professionals.

Does Wrinklepedia test all products?

Yes. All products are tested according to category parameters.

What if my product fails a test?

If a product fails entry evaluations, the manufacture will be notified and allowed to correct and re-submit. Testing data and evaluations are not public.

How Does Wrinklepedia differ from the many blogs and product review sites?

Unlike blogs and existing review sites, Wrinklepedia does not sell products. Wrinklepedia relies on analytical and laboratory analysis instead of biased comments and ratings.

What makes Wrinklepedia the authority on anti-aging?

Wrinklepedia is the only laboratory based testing guide for anti-aging products, ingredients, procedures and treatments. All existing websites use biased or manufacture provided data designed to sell products.

Why is Wrinklepedia necessary?

Wrinklepedia provides priceless information to the public about anti-aging treatments.

Who will use Wrinklepedia?

Wrinklepedia will be used by everyone in the anti-aging industry, from the general public to manufacturers to learn of effective treatments and alternatives.


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